[SG] Zam Zam @ Arab Street

Taystar ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Cutting to the chase, food was fabulous, but I discount the rating on this place due to bad quality service. Lamb murtabak and  chicken biryani were amazing. Especially the curry that came with the two dishes exactly replicated the taste I had back in India in 2001. The owner should fire all the waiters, for real!



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  1. DKKsh says:

    Just curious is it biryani or briyani , there is another version that sells in Singapore, everywhere its written briyani:) and yes you are definitely right about the service

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    1. Taystar says:

      Hi DKKsh, The place says “briyani” but as far as I am aware, the dish is called “biryani” and hence, I decided to use “biryani”. I don’t think it matters. What matters most is the taste of the food and the experience at the restaurant, in my view.


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