Mottomoo House of Hamburg @ Pacific Place

Taystar @@ 2/5 I don’t think I’ll be coming back here anytime soon. Their top promotion product, Godjira Don was a terrible mistake – can’t understand what the intended taste was. It seemed like a bowl, thrown in a mixture of beef slices, rice, and eggs.

[KR] Sukdal Doeji 숙달돼지 @ Gangnam Station 강남역

Taystar @@@@@ 5/5 Wow!!!! Sukdal Doeji 숙달돼지 is now on my top ranking pork belly 삼겹살 places from now on. A very rare case where we simply walked in (without reservation) and uncovered a hidden gem. The place provided professional grill service as well as state-of-the-art top-quality pork. This placed serves 14 days wet-aged Korean…

[KR] Joong Ang Hae Jang 중앙해장 @ Samsung dong 삼성동

Taystar @@@ 3/5 Joong Ang Hae Jang 중앙해장 sells Gob Chang Jeon Gol 곱창전골 which is rich in contents and deep in flavor. I must admit that this is one of the best Gob Chang Jeon Gol 곱창전골 place I’ve ever been to. The visual itself explains most of the taste. Gob 곱 was all…

[KR] Food Truck @ Gwangwhamun 광화문

Taystar @ 1/5 It was supposed to be a warm experience but ended up sour. An old man working late night on a food truck selling Udon 우동, Jjajang Myeon 짜장면, and Mandu (Steamed dumplings) 만두. I had a quick bowl of Jjajang Myeon 짜장면 before getting back to the hotel. By the time I was over with…

[KR] Gwangwhamun Gukbab 광화문국밥 @ Gwangwhamun 광화문

Taystar ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3/5 Simple but with depth. Gwangwhamun Gukbab 광화문국밥 certainly knows how to serve pork dishes. The thin-sliced pork suyuk 수육 was a real delicacy; soondae 순대 was from a different world; Yang Muchim 양무침 was sweet and sour without the smell.

[KR] Korean Air Lounge @ Incheon Airport Terminal 2

Taystar ⭐️⭐️ 2/5 Incheon Airport Terminal 2 Korean Air Prestige (Business) Class Lounge looks futuristic with the interior of the lounge done in beige and lots of wavy curved walls. So, diving right into the food… Selection was limited with sandwiches and quick bites to ease off the hungry stomach. The lounge also serves ramen…

[KR] La Seine @ Lotte Hotel

Taystar ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3/5 We had two breakfasts at Lotte Hotel. One was a set menu and the other one, buffet. This was not the best breakfast experience but was one of the highest paid breakfast.